Samsung Service Centers upgrading Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II devices

After Samsung rolling out Android 4.3 for Galaxy S III devices, the update for Note II has been idle, until now. A few screenshots found on the internet prove the fact that one lucky user from India got the update while being near a Samsung Service Center. What this means, is that either Samsung has already started to roll out the update for Note II devices or it’s just an inadvertent release by the company’s center.

Android 4.3 Update Galaxy Note II Screenshot

Android 4.3 Update Galaxy Note II Screenshot

The firmware’s build number is N7100XXUEMJ9, while its build date is October 31. As for the changes the update features are still unknown, although we might expect a similarity to the Android 4.3 on the Galaxy S4 along with some S Pen related software upgrades.

Android 4.3 Update Galaxy Note II Screenshot

Android 4.3 Update Galaxy Note II Screenshot


Nexus 5 leaked in Play store’s device listing – price starting at $349

It’s probably just a strategy from Google to boost the crowd’s interest, so they ‘accidentaly’ leaked their to be announced Nexus 5 smartphone. The only information listed is the starting price (which is $349 in the US) and a small thumbnail photo of the device, which has been rendered later on.

Google Play Store Nexus 5 Leak

“Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways,”, the only description which probably refers to the way it connects in cloud with the other Google devices. If the 16GB version costs $349, the 32GB will go just above $400.

Google Nexus 5 Rendered Image

According to several sources on the internet, the Nexus 5 will feature a 5-inch Full HD 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2GB RAM memory. As for the design, it looks simple, modern and good-looking. It’ll run the new Android 4.4 KitKat, running up the future updates they already made us used to it (one of the reasons you should get a Nexus device.

The internet has been full of Nexus 5 leaks, which decreases the spark of a newly announced device, wiping off the excitement of the mistery by waiting something new and cool.

[Nexus 5 – Google Play]

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Android 4.3 available for the Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4!

Those who own Samsung‘s Galaxy S4 I9505’s LTE-enabled version can benefit from the Android 4.3 firmware update. The download will be available for all international users, although Germany will be the first country to update the flagship smartphone.

Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 LTE-enabled Version

The update consists of design changes for TouchWiz, rather than new OS functions, like the new Samsung Browser, Keyboard, Reading Mode and the TouchWiz Launcher. Something that caught my eye’s attention was the supposedly “Improved Display colour reproduction”, which means that the colours will seem to look a lot brighter. As another performance change, they also improved the RAM memory management.

Unfortunately, the update is rather slow and gradual, but there’s always a chance to give your warranty up and install the download via Odin.

As mentioned above, the update is available only for those who own the I9505 Galaxy S4‘s LTE-enabled version, which runs on a Snapdragon 600. Sources claim the other Samsung products will be getting the update soon enough as well:

  • Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 Octa Core – next week
  • Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III – next month
  • Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II – December

Those who might wonder why the phablet’s update is taking so long compared to the other devices, is because of the vast number of S-Pen related features that need to be optimized for the new OS.

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Samsung Nexus Prime

First official Samsung Nexus Prime leak; 720p HD Screen!

Even though today is the day when the new iPhone 4S/5 (or both) will be announced, Google has a little bit of role in it. It’s about a leaked image, from which we know for sure that it’s one of the many 720p HD screen smartphones going to be launched.

Samsung Nexus Prime

What we know about it, is that the manufacturer will be Samsung once again, equipped with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. More than sure is the fact that it’ll be a dual-core phone (or maybe even quad-core), so we should expect a really good piece of gadget.

If we take a closer look, we can say that the standard Android buttons are not physical, meaning they are LED. That’s all we know about it, let’s just hope they won’t “fail” with it, as they nearly did with the Nexus S (everyone was expecting a dual-core).


Motorola Droid 3 presented in three official videos!

We haven’t seen any image or spec leaks for the Motorola Droid 3, until this day. Personally, I believe that this device’s fate will be the same as Atrix 4G’s or Motorola Xoom’s, but who knows… maybe the people will get richer, so they can afford a $800 tablet. Anyways, shall we proceed to the more “tech” stuff? Alright then.

Motorola Droid 3

There are three videos, with the purpose of a guide to a new user, so we didn’t really heard any processor or screen info. However, we could take a quick look at the handset’s design and the camera’s capability.


In the first place we should mention that Droid 3 features a full sliding  QWERTY keyboard with 5 rows, which looks quite nice. As mentioned in the first video, on the top of the phone is the power on/off button, on the left side the microUSB and HDMI port, while on the right side the volume buttons. Underneath the screen, there are the 4 typical Android buttons: Menu, Home, Back and Search. Above the screen, there are probably the proximity sensors and the front-facing camera.

On the back of the device the 8MP camera and LED Flash  is revealed, along with the speakers and the Motorola logo.


Only thing we are sure of is the camera, which is an 8MP one featuring 1080p video recording (similar to the Samsung Galasy S II). The processor, in my opinion, will be at least a dual-core, while the screen should be a qHD type.


Motorola Droid 3 runs Android, but which one? In my opinion, it runs the Android 2.3, with a customized UI, or Android 3.0 optimized for smartphones. We couldn’t see many differences, except the new touch QWERTY keyboard, and the new design we you unlock the screen.

Here are the three videos:




Hopefully, this device won’t cost as much as the previous high-end Motorola’s, they just have to understand that not everybody can afford it, even those who can, would probably purchase and rather an iPhone 4.


Samsung Galaxy Neo

Samsung Galaxy Neo Official, Only in Korea

Looks like the word “Galaxy” became really beloved by Samsung, that’s why their newly-announced smartphone’s name is Samsung Galaxy Neo. Unfortunately, for now, this mid-range device will head for Korea only,  with a CDMA version, however, Neo looks really nice and its features are quite impressive as well, in comparation with the possible affordable price.

As we mentioned above, this is a mid-range device which sports an 800 MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and Android 2.2 Froyo. The display is a nice WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) capacitive touchscreen with the support of T-DMB. The Bluetooth’s version is 3.0, while the camera isn’t the best, having only 3MP and lacking autofocus capabilities.

Other specs we know is the Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) support, a 3.5mm audio jack and a 1,500 mAh battery. There’s no info about a global release or a GSM version of the Galaxy Neo.



Mobile Factor: Nokia E7 Unboxing Video

This is our very first video, and our first smartphone on our disposal. The full video review will be available next week, presenting the specifications, positive and negative facts, and any other features of the Nokia E7. In the first place, the design is almost perfect, even supporting a full QWERTY keyboard which works nice. It has a brilliant 8MP camera with dual LED flash, which in my opinion, works even better than the 12MP Nokia N8 camera (I’ve made pictures and videos with both).

Underneath the box is a 3.5 mm in-ear headset, microUSB charger and cable, the user guide and the two HDMI cables.

When we turn on the phone, some people might happen to be… really upset. Symbian^3, you guessed it. Even if they fixed some bugs related to multitasking and other things, it still has a lot of work to do, although the best thing would be to switch to Windows Phone 7 as soon as possible.

Check out the full review next week on!

Windows Phone 7 YouTube Client Below Others?

YouTube Client on Windows Phone 7 Below OthersYeah, that’s right. Microsoft blames Google for not providing all the clients features, such as a faster browsing via categories, or viewing the rates of a video. All these better features are available on Android and iOS, however, Google rejects Microsoft to use the better client.

The actual YouTube application on WP7 isn’t the best, and when you try to take a look at a video, it merely re-directs you to the youtube website…  quite bad, isn’t it? If Microsoft will be able to purchase Facebook, as he tried some time ago, they’ll surely manage to even take over the Google Search Engine, because as we know, in USA, Facebook has more daily visitors than Luckily, Mark Zuckerberg has a strong personality, so he won’t sell the company so easily.

Either way, what do you think, will this conflict continue, or will Google choose a wise decision allowing MS use the client? Time will tell.


source: Microsoft

HTC Pyramid

HTC Pyramid Available in France next Month!

After we heard a lot of rumors regarding to HTC Pyramid, one of the most awaited handsets from HTC, looks like the new device will be available in France at the end of the next month (May). It’s a very nice looking smartphone, especially because of the high-end specs, such as a 1.2 GHz processor and a 4.3 inch qHD display.

HTC Pyramid

The French operator which will release these “beauties” will be SFR, in case the rumors are true. Additionally, HTC has an event programmed for April 12th, that’s why it’s quite sure that they will introduce HTC Pyramid after the countless rumors. The handset features Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0, 768 MB RAM, a 1.2 GHz processor, a 4.3 inch qHD display and 8 MP camera supporting 1080 p HD video recording.


Ultra Expensive Phone From Versace on the Way!

If you’re one of those guys who are so rich that they don’t know what to do with their money, it’s your lucky day! We’ve got a pretty (extremely) cool smartphone which belongs to the Versace Unique series. It’s made up of different high-cost luxury materials such as crocodile skin, stainless steel and diamonds.

I know that the specifications don’t really matter when you hold such a treasure in your hands, although I’ll write them. What we know that it features a touch screen – probably capacitive – and a camera. It’s kinda sure that the handset shouldn’t support some really cool specifications such as a dual-core processor or a Super AMOLED Plus Display.

Despite the fact that this beauty costs more than $1 million, the people who posses a high-end smartphone at least have the possibility to run Angry Birds or other similar applications, whether it’s an Android, iOS or Symbian device (sorry WP7).