Samsung Nexus Prime

First official Samsung Nexus Prime leak; 720p HD Screen!

Even though today is the day when the new iPhone 4S/5 (or both) will be announced, Google has a little bit of role in it. It’s about a leaked image, from which we know for sure that it’s one of the many 720p HD screen smartphones going to be launched.

Samsung Nexus Prime

What we know about it, is that the manufacturer will be Samsung once again, equipped with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. More than sure is the fact that it’ll be a dual-core phone (or maybe even quad-core), so we should expect a really good piece of gadget.

If we take a closer look, we can say that the standard Android buttons are not physical, meaning they are LED. That’s all we know about it, let’s just hope they won’t “fail” with it, as they nearly did with the Nexus S (everyone was expecting a dual-core).