Google Nexus 3: Motorola manufacturing?

We know that Google already got 2 phones: the HTC-made Google Nexus One and the new Samsung-made Nexus S. Rumors already appear, that the next Google Phone would be manufactured by Motorola, according to Advertiser Talk. I’m not surprised at all, since Google might have in its plans to change the partner year by year.

Motorola Nexus 3The Motorola Nexus 3 could even be released along with a 1GHz Quad-Core CPU, since Nvidia promised us that they are already working on it. The OS will probably be the upcoming Android 2.4 Ice Cream, and we are quite happy to hear that the UI will not include Motoblur. Let’s not forget about LG and Sony Ericsson, since they are going pretty good as well, LG having the brightest display device, the Optimus Black and the first dual-core smartphone, the Optimus 2X, while SE boasts with their super sexy Xperia Arc.