Mobile Apps are Subscriber-only, except WP7! ScreenShotYou heard it… It’s not free anymore. From now on, all iPhone, Android and iPad users have to pay a $3 fee per month in order to listen to their favorite music. Oh well, let’s see the company’s explanation:

“On the website an ad-supported, free-to-listeners model is what supports our online radio services in the US, UK and Germany.”

In other markets and on emerging mobile and home entertainment devices, it is not practical for us to deliver an ad supported radio experience, but instead, we will migrate to what we believe is the highest quality, lowest cost ad-free music service in the world.”

Today is the day when we can truly envy Windows Phone 7 for its exclusivity, where the subscriber-only method wasn’t implemented, probably because they gave some cash to the service, being free to use on the Xbox Live as well.

I suppose that you are asking yourself why would they do such a thing? The answer is – when it comes to a mobile device – that for every single streamed music you listen to, the respective company has to pay a small amount of fee. Additionally, the company decided that they would rather keep the app ad-free and make  it a subscribers-only service with a minimal amount of payment ($3). On the other hand, if you use a PC, the ads that can be found on the website can easily offset the free streaming services granted in the US, UK and Germany.