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Apple iPad 2 Overview!

Presented last week, Apple iPad 2 is just an upgrade to the first one rather than a new tablet. It’s lighter, thinner and a lot more powerful. It’s only 8.8mm thick – it even scares Samsung – featuring a 9.7″ display with a resolution of 768 x 1024 pixels, increasing the quality and sharpness of the screen, however, it doesn’t support the ultra Retina display which some people (me too) hoped for. Maybe next time…

Apple iPad 2 Black And White

Under the hood we can find a much more better processor, the 1 GHz ARM-based A5 Dual-Core CPU, being twice as fast as the original one. Apple claims that the graphics capacity on the iPad 2 is nine times faster and considering that the original one wasn’t slow, the upcoming applications should be really impressive.

Taking a look at the back of the slate, we will notice a camera which supports 720p HD video recording, while the front-facing camera is a VGA one for video calls via FaceTime. We’re happy that they added a camera, even if filming with a tablet isn’t comfortable, the feature is welcome.

There are more versions of the iPad 2, the WiFi-only and the 3.5G cellular data one, the second one increasing the price with $130 in the US. The handset will be available on both Verizon and AT&T networks in the US,  while it should be on other carriers worldwide as well. Both versions support GPS, also featuring a gyroscope, increasing the performance of some games.

Apple iPad 2 Thickness

Pretty interesting is that Apple made some multi-color smart covers, allowing customers to change the device’s appearance to their favourite colour. An HDMI adapter is available too, being able to visualize media from you iPad via a TV. I’m not sure what kind of resolution it supports, although I believe that it should be 1080p Full HD. iPad 2 will come in two different colors, White and Black.

Apple iPad 2 Multi-Color

When it comes to software, it was upgraded to the iOS 4.3, which only features slight changes such as new applications related to media editing and sharing.

The pricing in the US is the following:

  • Apple iPad 2 WiFi-only 16GB:$499
  • Apple iPad 2 3.5G 64 GB: $829

The newly-introduced tablet will be available for purchase in the US and most European countries (except Russia) at 11th March, while other countries such as New Zeeland, Japan and Mexico will benefit the tablet’s features only at 25th March.

Finally, I would’ve thought they will launch something better rather than just an upgrade to the original one. The main difference is the Dual-Core processor and the measuring (8.8mm thick and 600 grams light), quite disappointing considering the fact that Apple announces a tablet only once a year.

via: mobilegazette.com

Samsung Office

Samsung Concerned about Apple iPad 2!

After Apple iPad 2 has been presented last week, Samsung’s Mobile VP, Lee Don-Joo is already talking about the competition between the two companies. The concern is that the iPad 2’s measure, which is only 8.8mm thick, is even thinner than the Apple iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (10.9mm).

Even if Samsung don’t have such parts for this feature, they promise that the next tablet they are going to launch will even things up. The first iPad was pretty heavy, being a trouble if you are browsing the internet for over 10 minutes and using only one hand to hold it, however, they probably solved the problem once they made it such thin.

Some weeks ago, there was a leak about a possible 8.9 inch diagonal screen Galaxy Tab… Will it be thinner that the Apple iPad 2?  Time will tell.

source: physorg

via: tablet-news.com

Geohot versus Sony

Attacked from Both Sides, Geohot decides to Rap! (Video)

The famous hacker, George Hotz aka. Geohot created a video on youtube where he’s rapping about the company who confiscated his PC and hard drives to investigate for any proof regarding to the Sony PlayStation 3’s hack.

Geohot versus Sony

The young man became famous once he unlocked the first iPhone and traded it to the Certicell company, in the change of a Nissan 350Z along with 3 8GB iPhone’s, sharing them with his partners. The great unlock of the iPhone took place on February 8th 2008, so Hotz started to appear on nearly every special emissions available in the US. The PlayStation 3‘s hack appeared on January 22th 2010, Sony being really upset since then.

Geohot not only talented when it comes to hacking, but he sure is a good rapper and lyrics writer as well. The “music video” can be watched below, titled as “Light it Up“:


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WP7 on the iPhone?! It’s just a theme, for now…

Ever thought about a combination between an iPhone handset with the Windows Phone 7 interface (Metro UI)? We hear that the possibility became a reality, thanks to wyndwarrior, designer at modmyi.com The new-made theme is titled OS7 and it will transform the standard Apple looking into a grid style intuitive and pleasant design.

Windows Phone 7 Interface on iPhone 4

You might ask yourself about the quality of the new theme. Well, the pinning or unpinning is not based on the Metro UI standard solution and style, but it works pretty well along with the other basic functions. You can see in the video below that the live tiles support some new features, for instance, the Facebook pulling live data.

Even if in order to install the theme you have to mess up your iPhone a bit, and we know that some people don’t like that, but in my opinion, it’s worth a try. If you are one of those who would like to try it, you can visit the modmyi.com forums for more information about the OS7. If you installed it and tried it, please share your opinions about its functionality!

via: wpcentral.com