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WP7 on the iPhone?! It’s just a theme, for now…

Ever thought about a combination between an iPhone handset with the Windows Phone 7 interface (Metro UI)? We hear that the possibility became a reality, thanks to wyndwarrior, designer at modmyi.com The new-made theme is titled OS7 and it will transform the standard Apple looking into a grid style intuitive and pleasant design.

Windows Phone 7 Interface on iPhone 4

You might ask yourself about the quality of the new theme. Well, the pinning or unpinning is not based on the Metro UI standard solution and style, but it works pretty well along with the other basic functions. You can see in the video below that the live tiles support some new features, for instance, the Facebook pulling live data.

Even if in order to install the theme you have to mess up your iPhone a bit, and we know that some people don’t like that, but in my opinion, it’s worth a try. If you are one of those who would like to try it, you can visit the modmyi.com forums for more information about the OS7. If you installed it and tried it, please share your opinions about its functionality!

via: wpcentral.com