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Nexus 5 leaked in Play store’s device listing – price starting at $349

It’s probably just a strategy from Google to boost the crowd’s interest, so they ‘accidentaly’ leaked their to be announced Nexus 5 smartphone. The only information listed is the starting price (which is $349 in the US) and a small thumbnail photo of the device, which has been rendered later on.

Google Play Store Nexus 5 Leak

“Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways,”, the only description which probably refers to the way it connects in cloud with the other Google devices. If the 16GB version costs $349, the 32GB will go just above $400.

Google Nexus 5 Rendered Image

According to several sources on the internet, the Nexus 5 will feature a 5-inch Full HD 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2GB RAM memory. As for the design, it looks simple, modern and good-looking. It’ll run the new Android 4.4 KitKat, running up the future updates they already made us used to it (one of the reasons you should get a Nexus device.

The internet has been full of Nexus 5 leaks, which decreases the spark of a newly announced device, wiping off the excitement of the mistery by waiting something new and cool.

[Nexus 5 – Google Play]

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Samsung Nexus Prime

First official Samsung Nexus Prime leak; 720p HD Screen!

Even though today is the day when the new iPhone 4S/5 (or both) will be announced, Google has a little bit of role in it. It’s about a leaked image, from which we know for sure that it’s one of the many 720p HD screen smartphones going to be launched.

Samsung Nexus Prime

What we know about it, is that the manufacturer will be Samsung once again, equipped with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. More than sure is the fact that it’ll be a dual-core phone (or maybe even quad-core), so we should expect a really good piece of gadget.

If we take a closer look, we can say that the standard Android buttons are not physical, meaning they are LED. That’s all we know about it, let’s just hope they won’t “fail” with it, as they nearly did with the Nexus S (everyone was expecting a dual-core).

source: gsmarena.com

Windows Phone 7 YouTube Client Below Others?

YouTube Client on Windows Phone 7 Below OthersYeah, that’s right. Microsoft blames Google for not providing all the clients features, such as a faster browsing via categories, or viewing the rates of a video. All these better features are available on Android and iOS, however, Google rejects Microsoft to use the better client.

The actual YouTube application on WP7 isn’t the best, and when you try to take a look at a video, it merely re-directs you to the youtube website…  quite bad, isn’t it? If Microsoft will be able to purchase Facebook, as he tried some time ago, they’ll surely manage to even take over the Google Search Engine, because as we know, in USA, Facebook has more daily visitors than Google.com. Luckily, Mark Zuckerberg has a strong personality, so he won’t sell the company so easily.

Either way, what do you think, will this conflict continue, or will Google choose a wise decision allowing MS use the client? Time will tell.

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source: Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft Collaboration

February 11th: Nokia & Microsoft, Allied!

Lately, we heard a lot of rumors that Nokia could cooperate with Microsoft, so finally, at February 11th, the two giants are going to work together on the Windows Phone 7. These are very good news and we’re looking forward to have the chance to see the first WP7 running Nokia device, introduced at MWC 2011.

Nokia and Microsoft Collaboration

Stephen Elop was a Microsoft director, that’s why this day’s purpose could’ve been foreseen even from the day when Nokia’s CEO has been changed. Looks like Microsoft saved Nokia from the freezing Ocean, related to the letter’s meaning. According to Steve Ballmer’s and Stephen Elop’s letter, Windows Phone will be the primary strategy on the high-end market for the Finn company.

Additionally, Bing is going to be the principal search engine on WP7 supported Nokia handsets, while Microsoft AdCenter will be the ad publisher. Nokia Maps will be integrated in the Bing’s search engine and both companies will focus mainly on cloud services.

Vic Gundtora Versus Stephen Elop (Twitter)

Vic Gundotra from Google wrote a pretty rough tweet regarding to the Nokia & Microsoft alliance: “Two turkeys don’t make an eagle“. Of course, Stephen Elop replied to this “attack“, mentioning the following: “Or this: Two bicycle makers, from Dayton Ohio, one day decided to  fly.”  (Wright brothers). Nokia’s CEO is right, who knows, maybe they are going to change something.

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Google Android 2.4’s Launch Date: April!

According to Pocket-Lint, ViewSonic –  they announced Android tablets and a smartphone at CESclaims that Google Android 2.4 will be released in April along with the ViewPad 4 smartphone being one of the first handsets running it (picture below). Looks like neither HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson or Motorola had the chance to boast with the first 2.4 running device. We believe that the Android 2.4‘s update will be an application sync with the Android 3.0, a major UI change and some bug fixes.


ViewPad 4, the first Android 2.4 handset

Supposedly, Google’s plans are to “ensure that dual-core apps designed for Honeycomb will be able to work with single-core devices running 2.4.” Let’s hope that the upcoming Android 2.3 devices (Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc) will receive the update soon enough. We hear from the same source that the rumored Android Ice Cream will be most likely only an update to the Android 3.0 for tablets (disappointing, I know).

via: unwiredview.com

source: pocket-lint.com

Google Nexus 3: Motorola manufacturing?

We know that Google already got 2 phones: the HTC-made Google Nexus One and the new Samsung-made Nexus S. Rumors already appear, that the next Google Phone would be manufactured by Motorola, according to Advertiser Talk. I’m not surprised at all, since Google might have in its plans to change the partner year by year.

Motorola Nexus 3The Motorola Nexus 3 could even be released along with a 1GHz Quad-Core CPU, since Nvidia promised us that they are already working on it. The OS will probably be the upcoming Android 2.4 Ice Cream, and we are quite happy to hear that the UI will not include Motoblur. Let’s not forget about LG and Sony Ericsson, since they are going pretty good as well, LG having the brightest display device, the Optimus Black and the first dual-core smartphone, the Optimus 2X, while SE boasts with their super sexy Xperia Arc.

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