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MWC 2011 LG Smartphone and Tablet Presentation

LG presents 4 new handsets at MWC 2011!

Even if the MWC 2011 didn’t even started (only tomorrow), announcements are taking place. Additionally, LG presented the most awaited products, the LG Optimus 3D, Optimus Black and the Optimus 2X along with the Optimus Pad (Android 3.0 Honeycomb).

MWC 2011 LG Smartphone and Tablet Presentation

Every device has its own right to boast, for instance the LG Optimus 3D being the first stereoscopic video recording (3D), multi-channel and 3D display smartphone, Optimus Black featuring the brightest screen and the first 2MP front-facing camera, Optimus 2X sporting the first Dual-Core CPU for smartphones and the LG Optimus Pad for being the first 3D video recording and 3D Display capable tablet.

As we already know the Optimus 2X’s and Black’s specifications, we’re going describe only the Optimus Pad aka. LG G-Slate and the Optimus 3D gadgets.

LG Optimus 3D:

  • CPU: 1GHz Dual Core TI OMAP4
  • Camera: Dual lens, 3D video recording
  • Display: 4.3 inch WVGA, 3D (no glasses)
  • Connectivity: DLNA, HDMI
  • OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 2.4 Ice Cream
  • Memory: multi-channel (Dual), dual memory

LG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus Pad:

  • CPU: 1GHz Dual Core Nvidia Tegra 2
  • Camera: Dual lenses, 3D video recording
  • OS: Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • Display: 8.9 inch, 15:9 aspect ratio, 1080p decoding, 1280 x 768 pixels resolution

LG Optimus Pad

Hands-On videos and further specifications info are on its way!

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Honeycomb LG G-Slate Tablet Hands-On

Hands-On presentation about the LG G-Slate running Honeycomb

At last, we have the chance to take a closer look to the design of a 3D display capable Android tablet, the LG G-Slate. The operator that will offer the new tablet is T-Mobile, while having a dual camera which supports stereoscopic (aka 3D) video recording. Considering the technology it supports, LG G-Slate is one of the most exciting tablets that will be announced at MWC 2011, Friday.

Honeycomb LG G-Slate Tablet Hands-On

The specifications of this device includes a Tegra 2 (1GHz Dual-Core) CPU, an 8.9 inch 3D Display, 32 GB storing space, a 2MP front-facing camera and the unique dual lenses for the 3D video recording. The OS is the newly-introduced Android 3.0 Honeycomb featuring a tablet-like based UI and experience. The design of this handset is very similar to the LG Optimus 2X due to its line of steel that can be found on the back.

Let’s take a look at the Hands-On video:


The gadget is very promising, the only disadvantage could be the price. We believe that it could be around $800, just like the Motorola XOOM. LG G-Slate will be introduced at MWC on February 14th. We’ll keep this updated.

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LG Optimus 3D’s Design Teased!

Finally, a smartphone that sees the world like we do“, mentioned in the video teaser (found below). That means, that the upcoming LG handset will surely feature a 3D display. Nothing much have been revealed, in spite of it, we could saw a little bit of Optimus 3D’s design.

LG Optimus 3D Video Teaser

In the previous LG teaser, they claimed that the new Optimus handset will be “The world’s first Dual Core-Multi Channel“. Why for, if only the Android 3.0 could entirely use the efficiency of this newly introduced hardware. Maybe LG Optimus 3D will be a Google Android 2.4 device, after we heard some news about the OS.

We could notice two camera lenses on the back of the phone allowing to capture stereoscopic video recording. The design is quite nice, glossy and pleasing. The Optimus 3D will be introduced at MWC 2011, until then, stay tuned.

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source: pocket-lint.com

Slimmest vs Strongest: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc vs LG Optimus 2X

Thanks to Engadget, one of the most appreciated smartphones presented at CES are being compared. LG Optimus 2X is the first dual-core handset, while the SE Xperia Arc is the slimmest, and we have to admit, the most sexy smartphone we saw until this very day. Both devices were presented at the CES 2011, and will be at MWC 2011. The LG Optimus 2X is already available on the Europe market, on the other side though, the SE device is still waiting for its release. The two smartphones are running the same OS, the Android 2.2, but with different UI’s.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc vs LG Optimus 2X

The display of LG’s device is a 4.0-inch one, while Xperia Arc’s is a more generous 4.2-inch. The curvature of the SE handset makes it really feel like it’s the slimmest smartphone and it’s weight is dramatically minimal. Even if Optimus 2X’s design is well made, it cannot be compared to Xperia Arc’s curved and slim design. Overall, the winner is Sony Ericsson, but let’s not forget that the LG Optimus 2X is the first, and for the moment the only dual-core handset on the market.

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