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Windows Phone 7 YouTube Client Below Others?

YouTube Client on Windows Phone 7 Below OthersYeah, that’s right. Microsoft blames Google for not providing all the clients features, such as a faster browsing via categories, or viewing the rates of a video. All these better features are available on Android and iOS, however, Google rejects Microsoft to use the better client.

The actual YouTube application on WP7 isn’t the best, and when you try to take a look at a video, it merely re-directs you to the youtube website…  quite bad, isn’t it? If Microsoft will be able to purchase Facebook, as he tried some time ago, they’ll surely manage to even take over the Google Search Engine, because as we know, in USA, Facebook has more daily visitors than Google.com. Luckily, Mark Zuckerberg has a strong personality, so he won’t sell the company so easily.

Either way, what do you think, will this conflict continue, or will Google choose a wise decision allowing MS use the client? Time will tell.

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source: Microsoft

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

Nokia gets from Microsoft over $1 Billion over 5 years!

According to Bloomberg, after the alliance between Microsoft and Nokia some time ago, the company located at Sillicon Valley will pay off over $1 Billion over 5 years for Nokia. The Finn manufacturer promised us that they look forward to launch low-end (or mid-end) Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets with multi-color cases and reduced hardware capacity.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

It would be pretty interesting due to the fact that at this time, there is no mid-range or low-end WP7 device available. Last days we saw a Sony Ericsson Xperia 7 prototype, however, I’m sure the handset will be (if the rumors are true) a high-end type. Microsoft’s financial help is welcome, because nowadays, Nokia is facing grave problems which could even bankrupt the company.

I hope these “dark days” will past over and we will see Nokia shine once again.

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Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Device

Windows Phone 7 on a Sony Ericsson?! Just a prototype, for now…

As you can see below, there is a possibility that Sony Ericsson might launch a WP7 handset this year. I’m not being surprised, since nearly all of the top manufacturer’s like HTC, Dell or Samsung has at least one Windows Phone 7 device within their pocket.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Device

The design of this “Sony Ericsson Xperia 7” reminds us the HTC 7 Pro, featuring a sliding QWERTY keyboard. It has the significant Windows Phone buttons, the Back, Home and Search. Unfortunately, we have no image with the back of the phone, although I suppose that it should sport at least an 8 MP camera, we’re talking about SE after all..

According to Pocketnow, while they took a closer look to the image, they believe that it uses the older version of the OS, meaning that Sony Ericsson could’ve been working on this handset for a longer time, or it just could be a fake.

I hope that this isn’t just a fake made by a hacker. Wouldn’t it be sexy? WP7 with the Xperia’s design and an at least 8 MP camera?

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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

WP7 Nokia Device Concept is Here!

After the announcement that Nokia will be collaborating with Microsoft, concepts and rumors are already on its way. According to Engadget, this will be the first Nokia handset running Windows Phone 7, possibly presented at MWC 2011. It’s hard to believe that it’s going to be that early, but who knows?

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

The design was actually made by Microsoft and Nokia, reminding us a Nokia N8 and C7 combination. The smartphone will come in different colors, featuring only three buttons at the bottom of the phone: Back, Windows Logo (Home screen) and Search. At the top of the phone we can notice the speaker, proximity sensor and a possible 2MP front-facing camera. The screen should be between 3.5 and 4.3 inch, supporting ClearBlack Nokia technology.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

Under the hood there might be a 1GHz (Single or Dual Core) CPU, 512 MB RAM, 16 GB internal storage and Ovi Maps via Bing. Personally, I would love to see a phone like that presented at Mobile World Congress, despite the fact that in the last 2-3 years Nokia hadn’t surprise us with a decent high-end smartphone.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

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Nokia and Microsoft Collaboration

February 11th: Nokia & Microsoft, Allied!

Lately, we heard a lot of rumors that Nokia could cooperate with Microsoft, so finally, at February 11th, the two giants are going to work together on the Windows Phone 7. These are very good news and we’re looking forward to have the chance to see the first WP7 running Nokia device, introduced at MWC 2011.

Nokia and Microsoft Collaboration

Stephen Elop was a Microsoft director, that’s why this day’s purpose could’ve been foreseen even from the day when Nokia’s CEO has been changed. Looks like Microsoft saved Nokia from the freezing Ocean, related to the letter’s meaning. According to Steve Ballmer’s and Stephen Elop’s letter, Windows Phone will be the primary strategy on the high-end market for the Finn company.

Additionally, Bing is going to be the principal search engine on WP7 supported Nokia handsets, while Microsoft AdCenter will be the ad publisher. Nokia Maps will be integrated in the Bing’s search engine and both companies will focus mainly on cloud services.

Vic Gundtora Versus Stephen Elop (Twitter)

Vic Gundotra from Google wrote a pretty rough tweet regarding to the Nokia & Microsoft alliance: “Two turkeys don’t make an eagle“. Of course, Stephen Elop replied to this “attack“, mentioning the following: “Or this: Two bicycle makers, from Dayton Ohio, one day decided to  fly.”  (Wright brothers). Nokia’s CEO is right, who knows, maybe they are going to change something.

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WP7 on the iPhone?! It’s just a theme, for now…

Ever thought about a combination between an iPhone handset with the Windows Phone 7 interface (Metro UI)? We hear that the possibility became a reality, thanks to wyndwarrior, designer at modmyi.com The new-made theme is titled OS7 and it will transform the standard Apple looking into a grid style intuitive and pleasant design.

Windows Phone 7 Interface on iPhone 4

You might ask yourself about the quality of the new theme. Well, the pinning or unpinning is not based on the Metro UI standard solution and style, but it works pretty well along with the other basic functions. You can see in the video below that the live tiles support some new features, for instance, the Facebook pulling live data.

Even if in order to install the theme you have to mess up your iPhone a bit, and we know that some people don’t like that, but in my opinion, it’s worth a try. If you are one of those who would like to try it, you can visit the modmyi.com forums for more information about the OS7. If you installed it and tried it, please share your opinions about its functionality!

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There is still Hope! Nokia might adopt Windows Phone 7!

Nowadays, we know that Nokia is facing a crisis, just because they don’t really want to accept any other OS on their precious smartphones, except the old Symbian. Let’s be honest, which one would you choose: an iPhone 4 or a Nokia N8? I held and used both devices, so my final decision was, of course, iPhone 4. I’m not an Apple fan, neither a Nokia one, I personally like the Android, and that’s what I’m daily using.

Okay, so we cleared out that Nokia proved us that their Symbian smartphones failed so far. We also know, that on February 11th Nokia might just announce that they will use Windows Phone 7 on several devices of theirs.

A letter from Adnaan Ahmad says, that if they adopt WP7, the actions will increase at least with 1.5%, and that’s only until Thursday:

Get access to their Windows Phone 7 (WP7) intellectual property scot-free and access to the US market where your share has dived to the low single-digit level, and in so doing cut your bloated handset business R&D budget by at least 30 percent.

About the US market, I have to point it out that Nokia made a new headquarters in the United States, more exactly in Silicon Valley. This could lead to a strong possibility that Nokia will concentrate on the US market as well, meaning that they will use WP7.

Nokia HeadQuarters in the US

Additionally, the same analyst says that MeeGo is one of the biggest joke in the mobile industry:

Get rid of your own proprietary high-end solution (MEEGO)-–it’s the biggest joke in the tech industry right now and will put you even further behind Apple and Google.

Creating a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone would make sense, because the Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop was hired from Microsoft. Let’s hope that Nokia will choose the right way, to adopt Windows Phone 7 and let Symbian rule the world of the low-end devices.

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Windows Tab 7: Tablet Concept with a new WP7 version

Did you ever ask yourself, how could a Windows Phone 7 tablet version look like? Oh well, Long-Nong Huang surely created a notion about it. The tablet’s name is Windows Tab 7,  coming with a pretty powerful 1.4 GHz processor, but still, it doesn’t reach the CPU performance of the Motorola XOOM.

Windows Tab 7

Being a LTE 4G, 10.1-inch display and Microsoft branded device, it looks like that this isn’t the most exciting tablet concept we heard of. Let’s not forget about the front-facing camera and a possibly internal memory just like the other WP7 devices available on the market.

Windows Tab 7

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