Xperia Play confirmed: Android is Ready to Play! (Video)

Android is Ready to Play!“, at least that’s what Sony Ericsson‘s ad tell us. The video is kinda creepy, but it’s still got a logic, because the opposable thumbs of the robot might symbolize that you can either “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” the launch via Facebook. Too bad that they didn’t specified the price or the launch date of the handset, but we are probably going to gather some more information about it from the MWC 2011 next week.

Android Is Ready To Play!

As an idea, the new Xperia Play is quite promising, since the gaming experience is combined with a smartphone. The only problem could be the quality of the games. Some weeks ago I saw a video clip about several games running on the Xperia Play and I had the feeling that they are even worse than the ones present on the PSP Slim. I’m not the one to judge the success of this new kind of handset, but I surely won’t bet for it.

The event will be available on Facebook on February 13th and it will be most likely presented via streaming. All PSP fans should be there!

The international time of the launch can be found below:

  • USA: Sunday 13th February 10:00PST, 13:00EST
  • UK: Sunday 13th February 18:00GMT
  • Europe: Sunday 13th February 19:00CET
  • India: Sunday 13th February 23:30IST
  • Japan: Monday 14th February 03:00JST
  • Sydney: Monday 14th February 05:00EDT